Manthri is an online management-training portal. There are six modules in the portal, Time Management, Career Management, Money Management, Health Management, Public Relations Management, and Family Management. These subjects are interdependent, problems in one management will have effect on other modules hence a person needs to balance them in order to be successful and to exploit their full potential. Each module has got various sub modules. Before training is started every user is evaluated to know their present status in each management, based on evaluation, what kind of training user need to improve their skills will be designed.

Training program is designed according to portfolios like in what position and in what department ir skills will be designed.

Training program is designed according to portfolios like in what position and in what department the user works. Experts in those respective fields design the program. Training program is divided into mini and micro modules to make users feel not burdened with lots of material. By spending very little time the user can go through them. Besides training them on their modules, portal keeps them reminding to practice those programs.

There is a downloadable component in portal that can be downloadable by all registered users which works like a personal secretary to the user. It manages their day to day appointments, reminds them about their contact schedule and it has built in letters which user can use instead of typing to save time and to make their communication more effective. In case user is investing in shares and stocks they will be given a comprehensive report on their portfolio. User can enter their expert their expenditure and keep track of their expenses. User is prompted with reminders for which user registered and portal also reminds according to time and according to their portfolio.

Main focus of this component will be to bring a constructive and healthy attitude change in users. In case of off line training program there is not much follow of up of users. Users choice of consultants is limited. Here user will have access to number of consultants and consultants are industry based with focus on a particular industry, hence material will be tailor made for users. User can choose a consultant according to his choice and goal. As SEG owns and maintain the database, hence this material can be used repeatedly for new users resulting in cost reduction.

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